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NEWS: Chicago Blues Festival, FRIDAY -JUNE 8TH 

Front Porch Stage (at Wrigley Square)

11am–Noon – Blues in the School Katherine Davis and Stone Academy

Blues in the Schools
Relating to the evolution of the blues and its personalities; students are taught how to sing, act and come to appreciate their respective contributions with the genre and their collective impact to the community ~ through music. Overall, the program fosters self-esteem, creativity and a deeper yearning for cultural diversity and teamwork.

Katherine's  "Blues In The Schools"  Program

Katherine Davis’ invested interest in “Blues In The Schools” program spans over two decades. Ms. Davis facilitates the program in a classroom setting for public and private schools, in off-campus workshops, or as an after-school, arts education curriculum for K-12 students, in Illinois, other states and oversees. 

As a blues performer teaching students, Katherine embodies an array of components that engages a hands-on experience to learn, compose and perform. Meanwhile, students are introduced to the history and rich cultural heritage of the blues; lending an appreciation for the significance this genre has contributed toward the perseverance and strengths of our nation over the past century.  That-is-to-say, attributes accredited to the history and personalities of the blues heritage is presented to students –from research, coupled with, the perspective of a consummate, professional singer and song-writer/composer, Katherine Davis.  As students begin the program, they are made aware that the syllabus objectives are to prepare them to sing, act and/or play instruments at a variety of venues, (school assemblies, local blues festivals, community/corporate special-events or fundraisers) at the end of the course.

Overall, the program helps students develop and appreciate: self-esteem, teamwork, achievements attained through self-control and discipline; the importance of tolerance and understanding of cultural diversity; in-order-to facilitate collaboration and cooperation.  The program further enhances an overall improvement in school attendance, academic performance, and naturally arouses a peaked interest with parents and the community at large, to participate in more school activities. Within the context of these milestone results, the branding of hosting school’s image is enhanced, as well.

As noted by The City of Chicago’s Official Site "The 35th Annual Chicago Blues Festival Full Lineup"

The Front Porch has a new location in Wrigley Square this year ~ featuring Katherine Davis and Stone Academy, Fri - the 8th of June!!! 

The City of Chicago is once again, showing its commitment to helping bring the arts, humanities, and sciences in a meaningful learning experience [and context] for students; by supporting the efforts and milestone achievements... further underscores the importance of the Blues In The Schools program!

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  • Schedule and Book Program as a: Fundraiser’s Theme, Segment during a Social Gala or Corporate Event

  BIO: Katherine Davis
2017: 34th Annual Chicago Blues Fest ~ Katherine Davis & Stone Academy 'Blues in the Schools' ~ Photograher: Sweet Music Chica

Vocalist, Songwriter, Actress, Recording Artist, and Blues-In-The-Schools Educator.


Katherine’s passion for singing was influenced at an early age due to her family’s musical background, which included an array of musical genres; typical for what ended-up being settled into Chicago prior to the 50’s. Diversity for culture, music; understanding the depth of history inherent with the blues, depicting freedom from slavery; coupled with the narrative woven deeply within struggling musicians during a tumultuous era; became the threshold of influences for Katherine’s unbridled interest to teach children. For Katherine, it’s about sharing her life experiences, expanding a deeper understanding for today’s youth –in relation to their hidden gifts for music, while expanding their purview and appreciation for the heritage of blues, the personalities and icons that preceded them, which is woven into the fabric of this nation’s culture. These are the types of perspectives from which Katherine creates her inter disciplinary curriculum.  As noted by the City of Chicago, Department of Cultural Affairs and Special-Events, Katherine Davis is recognized as one of the first practitioners, professional musicians, and Artist in Residency for the Blues in the Schools program; for which Katherine is humbled and takes immense pride.

Katherine’s invested interest in the Blues in the Schools program started in 1992 with the Artist in Residency Program. During this era, Katherine was recognized as a Road Scholar by the Illinois Humanities Council –while she toured under the NACA (National Association Campus Activities) program for ten-years; to colleges and universities throughout the U.S. until 1996.


As a vocalist, Katherine has performed annually at the Chicago Blues Festival over the past twenty-years featuring the Blues in the Schools program.  She has toured the U.S., Canada, Japan, Turkey and Europe --performing in jazz, blues and folk festivals; special-events, private parties, clubs and concert venues.


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Katherine Davis
PR/Media Contact:
Kim Knapp
Katherine Davis' Performance Schedule

FRIDAY ::  Millennium Park: Michigan Ave. & Columbus Ave.

Front Porch Stage (at Wrigley Square) :: 11am–Noon  :: Blues in the School Katherine Davis and Stone Academy

Millennium Park, 201 E Randolph St, Chicago, IL 60602 (Click Here for Map)

SATURDAY :: Millennium Park: Michigan Ave. & Columbus Ave.

Front Porch Stage (at Wrigley Square) :: 11am–Noon - Katherine Davis Quartet

Tony Milano – Piano, E.G. McDaniel – Bass, Big Lew – Drums and Yours Truly...

Katherine Davis – Vocal.

Millennium Park, 201 E Randolph St, Chicago, IL 60602 (Click Here for Map)

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Humble thanks to contributing photographer and dear friend, Lee Ann Flynn ‘aka’ Sweet Music Chica

Interested in having the Blues in the Schools program in your community; featured at a corporate event or fundraiser;   sponsoring/donating instruments and supplies;  or giving your time assisting Katherine in class? Contact Katherine's Media/PR person Kim Knapp.

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